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⭐⭐⭐How to Book!⭐⭐⭐

***Hello Gorgeous Gents! Thank you for checking out my profile! If we've NOT MET before, can you please take your time to thoroughly explore my profile ensuring you've read ALL tabs before contacting me. Thank you!!

✅✅IM NEXT AVAILABLE ON: Sunday 21st from 4pm - 9pm (1 booking available.)✅✅

Please check my ✅JULY DIARY✅ tab for my availability.

Then please TEXT/WHATTSAPP/EMAIL me only and include this info:

Your Name.
Date and Time you're wishing to book.
How long you would like to book for
The type of booking you're wanting to make (Massage, Roleplay etc)

I will then reply to you by text and we will arrange a quick phonecall. This will be to discuss booking details and to give you the full address. If no phonecall is made, no booking will happen.

Please be clear and concise when making booking and please use correct spelling. First impressions count!

**For ON THE DAY BOOKINGS, feel free to contact me from 9am. Minimum 1 hours notice (preferably more) needed for all bookings.

**Please only contact me for a booking when you're 💯 certain you can make it. If you ask me for a date and time to have me confirm it, then reply to me with "I'll have to let you know once work has confirmed my hours" or anything along the lines of "I'll let you know later on once I've sorted xyz" you will not get a booking at all. I work on a first come, first served basis so trying to arrange a booking this way is counter productive. If you're unsure of your plans, leave off contacting me until you know exactly what you're doing.

**Any cancellations with less than 12 hours to go are charged a 50% deposit by bank transfer if you want to re-book in future (unless we've met a few times before) Thank you!

🏡Oxton Incalls🏡

I am based in a beautiful Private Apartment in a converted Georgian Property in Oxton, CH43. There is FREE on street parking. My place has a fully tiled bathroom (great for naughty baths and showers!) King Size Bed and I always have plenty of fresh towels and bottled water available. My place is warm and welcoming, candelit and clean. Perfect for our secret encounter! Closest Train Stations are Birkenhead Park, Birkenhead Central or Conway Park. (All between a 10-15 min walk or under 5 minutes in a taxi).

❤️🖤All about Moi!🖤❤️

What I look like:

I am known for being what you see is what you get. I am clear about my services and I how I look. I'm age 34. My hair is dyed red/auburn and I have milky white glowing skin. (In Summer Months I do sometimes use a little false tan). My body is strong, curvy and sensuous. I'm a statuesque head turner at 5'8 (and 6ft in heels). I'm Size 14 with 36DD natural breasts and I have a toned shapely ass! (I do boxing as my main form of exercise - 3 to 4 times a week). So I'm a fantasy for both of you BUM and BOOB men!

I don't use or have any Tattoos, Hair/Eyelash/Nail extensions, Lip Fillers, Botox or Plastic Surgery. (If you like the Porn Star look, I'm not for you sorry!) I have immaculate skin and perfect teeth. I'm a non-smoker and I enjoy pampering myself so I always look and feel at my best. My style is classic, elegant and feminine. I am always dressed in beautiful lingerie, stockings/suspenders/hold ups and VERY high heels, complete with red lipstick. I love doing my hair and makeup and always have my nails done (but I keep them fairly short and natural).

What I'm like and What I Offer:

I have Escorted for 11 years, with the past 10 years being an Independent Escort on Adultwork. I love what I do! I'm experienced, assertive and comfortable in my own skin. I'm described in my reviews as friendly, funny and down to earth. I would describe myself as an Extrovert that loves meeting different people from all walks of life. I really enjoy good conversations and I'm a good listener. I believe everybody has a story to tell!

I am known for and well reviewed on, my Soft and Sensual Full Girlfriend Experience. I am also a Qualified Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist and my massage is definitely one of my USPS. Please see MASSAGE tab for further details.

I'm a very sexual woman, I love to give and receive pleasure! I enjoy mutually passionate and sensual encounters with hot older gentlemen and I'm also partial to meeting horny energetic younger guys too - who want to meet a (slightly) older woman who knows what she likes! Ages I meet are 21-80.

I can't wait to get my hands on you!

Lois xxx

I'm a Low Volume Escort, so I only take 3 bookings per working day. I take a minimum hour break in between each booking. Due to this I'm not able to start your booking any earlier, so the booking time we agree is the time we will start at.

N/A: Not available.

FULLY BOOKED: No longer accepting bookings for that day.

Pre-Bookings Available: I will be accepting Pre-Bookings with at least 24 hours notice.

Any morning bookings between 9am - 11am must be made by 9pm the previous evening. Otherwise my working day starts from 11am.

WK COMMENCING Monday 15th:

Monday 15th: ~
Tuesday 16th: ~
Wednesday 17th: ~
Thursday 18th: ~
Friday 19th: ~
Saturday 20th: ~
Sunday 21st: 4pm - 9pm. (1 booking available).

WK COMMENCING Monday 22nd:

Monday 22nd: FULLY BOOKED.
Tuesday 23rd: 9am - 4pm AND 6.30pm - 9pm (3 bookings available).
Wednesday 24th: 9am - 9pm. (3 bookings available).
Thursday 25th: N/A.
Friday 26th: N/A.
Saturday 27th: 2.30pm - 5pm. (1 booking available).
Sunday 28th: N/A.

WK COMMENCING Monday 29th:

Monday 29th: 9am - 9pm. (3 bookings available).
Tuesday 30th: 9am - 9pm. (3 bookings available).
Wednesday 31st: 1pm - 9pm. (3 bookings available).
Thursday 1st: 1pm - 9pm. (3 bookings available).
Friday 2nd: N/A
Saturday 3rd: N/A.
Sunday 4th: N/A.

I will be away in Santorini from Monday 5th August and will be back working from Wednesday 14th.

Over the years that I have worked as an Escort on Adultwork, my Massage Service has always been one of my USPs I guess you could say. I am a qualified Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist and you can find descriptions of this in my Field Reports. I truly believe in the power of touch and the power of healing through massage therapies and also through sex/pleasure.

I am told my demeanor is calming and relaxed. Which is great as I always aim to try and bring a sense of calm to my bookings and I love it when I'm told that you leave me feeling like you could happily float off to Cloud 9 and that your legs have turned to jelly lol!

Everyone is in so much of a rush nowadays. In a rush to get through the traffic, meet that deadline, see to our business clients and obviously to our families. These things can't be changed however, it is important to take some YOU time and bring that sense of balance back into your life.

So this is now your time to try out my 'Erotic Escapism' Therapies. There is no better combination when wanting to indulge yourself!

On arrival to my apartment, you will enter a cocoon of calm mixed with eroticism - I always have candles lit and chilled music playing in the background. And then the Erotic part happens to be me! I can be dressed in lingerie of your choice or fully nude.

I start off with your massage. This is done on my Kingsize bed, that I dress in velvet sheets (And towels!) as it is very soft to touch. My massage is performed with either Coconut Oil or Olive Oil as both are natural and so good for the skin. I have an excellent selection of essential oils with various benefits that can be discussed on meeting. However you're absolutely fine to just stick to un-scented oil.

This is then followed by your desired time of GFE afterwards. We can start off slow and sensual and then move to faster and harder for a mind blowing climax! Details of prices are down below.


Couldn't help myself with the naughty title here lol! A perfect balance of Peace and Pleasure where you receive a 30 min Massage (Back OR Legs) and a 30 min GFE session. (1 HOUR altogether). This is £140.


My most popular booking! This includes EITHER a 30 min Massage (Back OR Legs) & 1 Hour Full GFE (or vice versa) a 1 Hour Massage (Back AND legs) & 30 min GFE. (90 MINS altogether) This is £160.


This includes a 1 Hour Massage (Back AND Legs) and a 1 Hour Full GFE session afterwards. (2 HOURS altogether) This is £200.


'Sports Massage/Deep Tissue' is NOT NURU and it is NOT classed as a' sensual' massage however, if you would prefer me to go lighter and make it more sensual, just tell me in the booking or when you call me.


I've recently got a lot more into Roleplays within the past year and have been told I'm good at them! So I've decided to include a separate tab listing some of my favorites! However you're more than welcome to suggest your own to me. I don't offer any age or family related scenarios.


You're a Company Director and you're interviewing me. But you're a little distracted by my low cut blouse and you start to think of other ways I could really impress you for the job position!

This can work Vice Versa where I'm a slightly bitchy but sexy Female Boss interviewing you. I realize you don't really have the right credentials on your CV and so you'll have to pull something else out of the bag to gain the edge over the other Candidates!

This can be done with me wearing my Secretary Outfit or something else of your choice.


I've recently moved into your building and I keep flirting with you and trying to get your attention! We've swapped numbers anyway, so I text you as I think there is a leak under my bathroom sink! You do the neighbourly thing and you agree to come and have a look at it for me! When I bend down to show you "the leak" I'm actually not wearing any knickers and you get a delightful eyeful of something else wet!


You're my Landlord and I'm your ditzy Tenant! Oops I've not paid my rent this month as I've probably spent it all on clothes (and sexy lingerie haha!) You suggest other ways in which I could re pay you the rent (Or I can suggest some ways lol!)


Wearing my French Maids Outfit, I'm your employee and I'm cleaning around your room one day and try to seduce you! Or perhaps you're not happy with my work and I keep missing spots so you get me to clean up a different mess instead!

Slightly different variation is I'm a Hotel Maid and I come into the room to find you masturbating or naked in the shower! Perhaps I'll end up joining you either on your bed or in the shower...


You're in hospital and I'm your Favorite Nurse! You make up any excuse to get me to come to your room...you need your pillows plumping! You've knocked your drink over, you need your pants re adjusting...

Or a variation is that I'm the Nurse trying to seduce you and finding ways to come and check that you're ok before eventually getting my wicked way with you "to make you feel better!"

Hello there to you, if we've not met before!

I must say throughout my working years, I've been able to pride myself on being the first Escort many gentlemen have ever visited!! I love meeting new people and my aim is for our time together to be as enjoyable as possible and hassle free. This includes whether or not you've visited Escorts before, or it's just your first time visiting me. I'm also very proud to say I've been the first sexual experience for a lot of gentlemen too!

So I've put together this guide that i would really appreciate you reading before organising a booking with me, so you know exactly what to expect. Thank you very much


I do require a 50% deposit by Bank Transfer for ALL ADVANCED BOOKINGS if we've NOT MET before. This is because unfortunately there are a few time wasters out there nowadays.

If you're unable to send me a deposit, please just Book on The Day instead as no deposit will be required.

All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE unless I need to cancel your booking for any reason, then I will send it straight back to you.


I understand things crop up from time to time and this is absolutely fine. Please just give me at least 12 hours notice where possible. Anything less and a 50% deposit will be required by Bank Transfer if you wish to re book.

I will also add if you think work may change your hours or if you've recently been unwell, PLEASE BOOK ME ANOTHER TIME when you won't be disturbed and you're 100% fit and well.

Be mindful with YOUR TIME and MINE when making a booking. Thank you!


I do expect everyone to be freshly showered on arrival. However if you're coming to me straight from work or have made a long journey, then feel free to hop into my shower before we start the booking. I have a great selection of men's toiletries and fresh towels available. Please ensure you have fresh breath and are wearing deodorant and have taken special care to wash your men's parts. The cleaner you are, the dirtier I will be!


*Bad teeth or gums
*Bad breath/smokers breath.
*A tight foreskin that doesn't roll back
*Any skin conditions on your face or body...

I WILL REFUSE ALL SERVICES TO YOU. And you will not be refunded.


*Arrive 5/10 minutes before your booking time so you can sort out your parking. Any earlier I probably won't be ready also.

*Let me know if you're going to be late. Usually I can accommodate for this but only if I'm given notice.

*Get your fee out of the way in the first 5 minutes of the meet. I'm not going to forget.

*Be scrubbed up and smelling and feeling fresh for me, as I will be for you!


*Haggling. You wouldn't haggle the price of a loaf of bread in your local Tesco. So do not try it with me either as my response will not be a polite one. If you can't afford my rates, choose a cheaper lady. Simple.

*Showing up under the influence. I will not see you at all and you will be asked to leave.

*Constant texting in between bookings. I respect all of my clients have private lives and so I will never contact you. I expect the same respect in return. I have had client's in the past try to do this and unfortunately their numbers got blocked.

*Trying to Sext Me. This seems to be happening quite often and its simply not part of my job. Telling me you're wanking over me or going into detail about what you'd like to do to me is really inappropriate and embarrassing for you. I won't respond. If you continue I will cancel your booking.

*Trying to have pointless chit chat whilst 'making a booking '. I'll simply stop responding.

*Trying to outstay your welcome. I just find this completely embarrassing for you. As much as I enjoy my work, I DO NOT WORK FOR FREE. Do this and I will block you once you leave.

My Personal TURN ONS in the Bedroom!:

Guys who smell goooood!: I'm a total sucker for a well dressed guy, who smells and tastes divine! Some personal favorite men's aftershaves of mine are Invictus by Paco Rabanne and Baroque Rouge! If you own either of these PLEASE wear them when coming to see me lol!

Slow, lingering kisses: Kiss me slowly. Tease me with a bit of tongue here and there. (As I will do to you too!) Good kissing gets me so wet before I've even taken my clothes off.

A gentle touch: Again, I love to be stroked and caressed as it just turns me on so much more than being grabbed and thrown around.

Going down on me: Just by licking me gently and slowly until you find a rhytmn that gets me wet.

Having my neck and breasts kissed: This causes me to have so many tingly sensations. Delicious!

Being kissed either while playing with myself or playing with you! There is just something so erotic about being kissed while playing with my vibrator or vice versa, me kissing you while you wank off!!

My Personal TURN OFFs in the bedroom:

Sucking my Clit. Clits are made to be licked. Cocks are made to be sucked. Just saying.

Anything to do with my Ears. Ears are NOT SEXY. Please don't touch mine in any way.

Finger blasting at 100mph. This just isn't sexy either. It's irritating as hell.

Hello sexy gents, hope you're all good!

This is just to let you all know that from September, I'll be reducing my availability to max. 3 days per week as I'm going back into full time education! So a very exciting yet extremely busy time lies ahead for me for the next 3/4 years now.

So if you've been wanting to see me for a while, I'll be trying to add as much availability as I can over July and August to catch up with those I've not seen for a while and also to meet some new folks!

As from September, I'll be likely to be working set days only and my weekend availability will be reduced to probably one or two days a month.

Soooooo I'm looking forward to having some hot and sweaty summer fun with you all before I begin this new phase of my life from September.

See you all soon!!

Lois xx


  • Cross Dressing
  • Dinner Dates
  • Disabled Clients
  • Domination (giving)
  • Face Sitting
  • Facials
  • Fetish
  • Fingering/Finger Play
  • French Kissing
  • Hand Relief
  • Humiliation (giving)
  • Massage
  • Oral
  • Oral without (at discretion)
  • Oral without Protection
  • Penetration (Protected)
  • Prostate Massage
  • Receiving Oral
  • Rimming (receiving)
  • Role Play & Fantasy
  • Spanking (giving)
  • Spanking (receiving)
  • Striptease
  • Tie & Tease
  • Toys
  • Uniforms

Enjoys With

  • Male

Incall Rates

  • 1 Hour - £140
  • 2 Hours - £270
  • 3 Hours - £400
  • 1½ Hours - £200

Outcall Rates

  • 1 Hour - £180
  • 2 Hours - £300
  • 3 Hours - £450
  • 1½ Hours - £240


  • Question: 15 min or Blow and Gos?
    Answer: You're more than welcome to stay for 15 mins or just visit for a Blow and Go but the prices will be exactly the same as my hour bookings.

  • Question: 15/30/45 Minute Bookings?
    Answer: I do not offer these. Minimum booking is 1 hour for £140. Unfortunately I find when I've offered shorter bookings in the past, people try to overstay their welcome or they end up requesting more time which by then, I usually can't accommodate. I'm not a wham, bam style of Escort. Nor am I the cheapest. So if you want something quick and cheap, feel free to pass me by.

  • Question: Anal? BB? CIM? Car Meets? Filming? Watersports?
    Answer: Under no circumstance will I ever offer any of these services. Ask and I will instantly block you.

  • Question: Are your prices all inclusive?
    Answer: Yes they are! :)

  • Question: Can I bring you a gift?
    Answer: Of course you can haha! Always appreciated but never expected. I love Ann Summers Gift Cards, Boots or John Lewis Gift Cards or a Caffe Nero Gift Card. Givenchy L'Interdit Rouge is my favorite perfume. No Flowers, Sweets or Alcohol please!

  • Question: Do you offer any "Just Massage" services?
    Answer: No lol. If I was offering "Just Massage" I wouldn't be advertising myself on a Sex Work site. If you're after "Just Massage" please go to a Massage Salon or treat yourself to a Spa Day in a Posh Hotel ;)

  • Question: Do you see ALL RACES?
    Answer: YES I DO. As long as you're clean and respectful, we will get on just fine! ;)

  • Question: How do I pay you?
    Answer: I do prefer good cold hard cash haha, but I do accept bank transfers now too!

    Answer: As many as you can physically manage in your booked amount of time. :)

  • Question: Lois! Your profile is very "Thorough" "Professional" "Business-like" "Detailed". What are you like in person?
    Answer: I'm told quite often that my profile is very "Business-like" amongst these other comments which I do find to be positive! I am a Professional Self Employed Escort. I do take what I do seriously. I am organized and I am thorough, the way most business people are. But make no mistake, I am also told that I am warm, friendly and "present" in person. Once we're behind closed doors, you will get to see the other side of me. "A lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets" is a moto some could possibly use to describe me ;)

  • Question: Outcalls?
    Answer: I'm happy to visit you in your clean and tidy home or your 3/4/5* hotel. Rates are listed below and I would require taxi fares on top of those. A 50% deposit is also required by bank transfer, unless you have at least 5 positive AW feedback within the past year and no negatives.

  • Question: TIMEWASTERS AND NO SHOWS . . .
    Answer: Blocked. Bye bye.

  • Question: What is your age range?
    Answer: 21 to 80. If you're lucky enough to have a baby face and you usually get ID'd, please bring your ID with you.

  • Question: Why do you never reply to my texts and/or emails?
    Answer: Because you were rude/you obviously didn't read my profile/you no showed/you cancelled on more than one occasion/you were intrusive/you came across like an oddball/you cnt spel 2 sav ur own lyfe. These are just some of the reasons that I will block you and never respond to you again.

  • Question: Why won't you answer my call?
    Answer: I only answer phonecalls that have been arranged, so check out how to book me. Or you could be blocked due to either no showing in the past or from being rude via a past phone call or from texts.


  • Question: What is your starsign?
    Answer: Virgo Aug 24 - Sept 22

  • Question: What length is your hair?
    Answer: Long

  • Question: How tall are you?
    Answer: 5'8"

  • Question: What is your dress size?
    Answer: 14

  • Question: What size is your chest?
    Answer: 36"

  • Question: What is your bra cup-size?
    Answer: DD

  • Question: Do you smoke?
    Answer: No

  • Question: Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
    Answer: Neither

  • Question: Do you have any birth-marks or scars? If so, size and location?
    Answer: None.

  • Question: What is your favourite colour?
    Answer: Red!

  • Question: Will you do overnight bookings?
    Answer: No

  • Question: How long are you prepared to travel for?
    Answer: No Travelling

  • Question: Who is your favourite celebrity?
    Answer: Madonna and Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson.

  • Question: What sort of men turn you on?
    Answer: Men that smell good and are kind, funny and respectful.

  • Question: What is your best feature?
    Answer: Smile

  • Question: What is the most memorable sexual experience you’ve ever had?
    Answer: I find outdoor sex is usually memorable lol!

  • Question: What is your favourite sexual position?
    Answer: Deep Missionary (with legs up!)

  • Question: What is your second favourite sexual position?
    Answer: Doggy!

  • Question: What is your biggest turn on?
    Answer: A man that takes his time...

  • Question: The most sensitive part of my anatomy is?
    Answer: Brain.

  • Question: How is your pubic hair fashioned?
    Answer: Brazilian

  • Question: What is your favourite food?
    Answer: Italian

  • Question: What is your favourite drink?
    Answer: Caffè Nero Coffee or anything Rum based.

  • Question: What is your favourite film?
    Answer: Natural Born Killers.

  • Question: What is your favourite TV programme?
    Answer: At the moment - The X Files!

  • Question: What are your favourite flowers?
    Answer: Roses and Lillies.

  • Question: What is your favourite gift?
    Answer: Cash! Im a material girl ;)

  • Question: What is your favourite perfume?
    Answer: Givenchy L'Interdit Rouge

  • Question: What is your favourite holiday destination?
    Answer: USA & Greece.

  • Question: What is your shoe size?
    Answer: 5

  • Question: What is the most outrageous thing that you’ve done sexually (be honest!)
    Answer: Had sex on the top of a particularly well known Welsh Castle!!

  • Question: What three words best describe your personality?
    Answer: Adventurous, chatty, naughty!

  • Question: How often do you masturbate?
    Answer: Everyday!

  • Question: What sexual activity do you enjoy the most?
    Answer: Having slow, sensual, sticky sex! ;)

  • Question: When is your libido at its highest?
    Answer: All the time!

  • Question: Where would you most like to have sex?
    Answer: On a plane!

  • Question: How would you describe the size of your breasts?
    Answer: Large

  • Question: Are your breasts natural or enhanced?
    Answer: Natural

  • Question: What is your Primary Language?
    Answer: English

  • Question: What is your ethnicity?
    Answer: Caucasian (White)

  • Question: What is your Secondary Language?
    Answer: French

  • Question: What is the colour of your eyes?
    Answer: Grey

  • Question: What is the colour of your hair?
    Answer: Red

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