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About Me

My new service to my gents. Over the years I have had a lot of my fine Gentlemen either arrive with sexy panties on and hold up stockings and some ask if I have any to fit them. Well I have bought a lot of different styles of panties and hold ups for you to wear when you arrive.

Please note, I do NOT offer a feminising service.

I won't be discussing this service on the phone as my intention is for you to arrive and you can pick what you want from the items I have bought. Pictures can be seen in my New private gallery

If you would like to BOOK a high class ESCORT read below PLEASE

As this is my OWN HOME you can rest assured that you WILL NOT bump into any other girls or people I do not run a parlour and I do not share with anyone, never knowing if you are alone is very un relaxed and not what this is about, just come and enjoy me and yourself.

When making a ( BOOKING ) , I would like you to phone me on my number which can be found at the bottom of this page. WITHHELD numbers or texting me will not be answered. Please call me on my direct moblie number to make a ( BOOKING ).

Once you have spoken with me and I have CONFIRMED the time slot is available, that's you ( BOOKED ) and I look forward to meeting up with you....!!!

Because the amount of business I now handle, this is ( THE ONLY WAY ) to make a ( BOOKING ) to see me..!!!

I know sometimes when you call me you find the phone off, that's because I'am lucky to be very busy so just keep calling and you will get through..!!

I never have my phone on when I'm with a client..( It would be so RUDE )

I am happy to see men of all ages as long as you are over 18.

I cater for MATURE GENTS ..........So call soon..!!

Please read I still get asked why I don't reply to texts. This is why. . . . (1) You could be under the age of 18. (2) You could be using a friends phone for a laugh. (3) You could be a wife asking these questions. I am sure you could name a few more answers.

Please take the time to read some of my field reports to get an idea of the kind of time you will have in my company.

GUYS, GUYS, GUYS....Have you found this when trying to book an ESCORT on this SITE..???

(1) You email the girl and get no reply .............YOUR HORNY and want sex NOW..!!

(2) You do just what the girl asks and STILL you get NO reply..!!

(3) Just what have you to do to get LAID ? ? ?

(4) Some girls want you to give them 24 hours notice..!!! ( mad or what ) Just like the Doctors...Book in 2 weeks time and we will see you..!!

(5) I don't expect you to be a stud, I don't expect you to be anything.I do hope that I can please you and give you lots of kisses and cuddles so you enjoy your time with me.

(6) Just call me and make that booking..!! Once you have spoken with me and I have CONFIRMED the time slot is available, that's you ( BOOKED ) and I look forward to meeting up with you....!!!

Because the amount of business I now handle, this is ( THE ONLY WAY ) to make a ( BOOKING ) to see me..!!!


I take my last booking at 6pm I only see clients at this time if I have seen you before.

My new working times.

MONDAY---------------11am TILL 6pm

TUESDAY--------------11am TILL 6pm

WEDNESDAY----------11am TILL 6pm

THURSDAY------------11am TILL 6pm

FRIDAY----------------11am TILL 6pm

Saturday................ 11am till 6pm If my Green light is on then I'm working..!

Sunday.................. No longer available


ARRIVING BY ROAD .....You want ( Charlie Browns Roundabout ) 10 mins from Fullwell cross roundabout in Barkingside. And just 20 mins from the Moby dick pub on the Eastern Ave.

ARRIVING BY TRAIN .....If your cumming by train, the station you need is South Woodford.

This Station is on the Central line.

You can walk from the Station and this will take you approx. 7 mins. get a taxi the cost is £5.00


private gallery

I don't have 2000 pics in my private gallery, but the pictures I do have will make you CUM so fast because they are Sexy, horny, dirty, spunky, very rude and above all the best Wank material on Adultwork..!!

MOVIE ACTION.Please note all my movies are filmed on HQ 3mega pixels HDD.My action is all close up so you get what you want...( Great wank material ) None of this part 1,2,3 or 23 second rubbish with out of focus long shots..!!

This is the BEST wank material you will find on this SITE.!



  • CIM
  • CIM (at discretion)
  • Cross Dressing
  • Face Sitting
  • French Kissing
  • French Kissing (discretion)
  • Hand Relief
  • Oral
  • Oral without Protection
  • Penetration (Protected)
  • Receiving Oral
  • Rimming (receiving)
  • Role Play & Fantasy
  • Snowballing
  • Striptease
  • Swallow
  • Swallow (at discretion)
  • Toys
  • Uniforms

Enjoys With

  • Male

Incall Rates

  • ½ Hour - £70
  • 1 Hour - £130
  • ¾ Hour - £100


  • Question: Can I book you on A/W without phoning FIRST..???
    Answer: SORRY but you can't do that as I'am lucky that I get very busy and get lots of repeat business.YOU MUST PHONE FIRST.That way I can tell you if the time slot you are after is available..!!

  • Question: I have been working all day, can I wash at your house...???
    Answer: Yes you can....I have a shower that you can use before and after your time with me if you want...!! I love the smell of a clean MAN...!!!!

  • Question: Julie I have been looking at your profile now for many weeks trying to pluck the courage up to call you..!!
    Answer: I know by the men that visit me some of you are a little nervous of that first visit..Make the call and enjoy the time spent in my company...... I never forget it's YOUR time..!!

  • Question: Julie I have visited many ESCORTS & very few will let me kiss them.....Can I kiss you..??????
    Answer: I love my kisses and cuddles.You can kiss me as much as you like....!!!! I really do offer the girlfriend experience..!!

  • Question: Julie may I cum in your mouth.??
    Answer: YES, thats fine and if you don't mind I will swallow the lot.!!!

  • Question: would you ever do bareback ?
    Answer: SORRY guys thats a NO !!


  • Question: What is your starsign?
    Answer: Leo July 23 - Aug 23

  • Question: What length is your hair?
    Answer: Shoulder length

  • Question: How tall are you?
    Answer: 5'8"

  • Question: What is your dress size?
    Answer: 12

  • Question: What size is your chest?
    Answer: 34"

  • Question: What is your bra cup-size?
    Answer: C

  • Question: Do you smoke?
    Answer: No

  • Question: Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
    Answer: Neither

  • Question: Do you have any birth-marks or scars? If so, size and location?
    Answer: no

  • Question: What is your favourite colour?
    Answer: blue

  • Question: What times are you always available?
    Answer: 9am till 7pm Mon/Sat/Sun

  • Question: Will you do overnight bookings?
    Answer: No

  • Question: List of Towns/Areas you will visit
    Answer: Incalls only THANKS

  • Question: How long are you prepared to travel for?
    Answer: No Travelling

  • Question: Nearest rail station?

  • Question: Who is your favourite celebrity?
    Answer: Funny guys Mickey Flanagan

  • Question: What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you in public?
    Answer: A friend saw me giving head to her husband. OPPS.

  • Question: What sort of men turn you on?
    Answer: I like all men, just as long as you are clean and alive..!! No age restriction unless your under 18..!!

  • Question: What sort of women turn you on?
    Answer: I enjoy the taste and softness of any women.Some ladies I have had the pleasure of.it's been there first time with another women.Thats so much fun.Not that I'm some butch women just that I'am lucky to have the chat that these women enjoy.

  • Question: What is your best feature?
    Answer: Smile

  • Question: What is the most memorable sexual experience you’ve ever had?
    Answer: When I was 13 and a guy who was 18 kissed me and showed me his hard erect cock and talked to me for about an hour until I let him put his cock into my mouth and I sucked and licked him until he CAME with a shout and unloaded his whole load into my throat.He made me swallow all of it and said I was a GOOD GIRL. Two days later he did the same and on the third day he licked my little pussy and I let him put his cock inside my pussy and he fucked me for ages. He CAME inside me twice,thank god I never got pregnant. He fucked me every time I saw him which was at least four times a week. Each time he got me either to swallow his CUM or he shot his load inside me..!! At no time did he use a condom and I wasn't on the pill. I was one lucky girl.Don't let your horny daughter do the same..!!

  • Question: What is your favourite sexual position?
    Answer: On top.

  • Question: What is your second favourite sexual position?
    Answer: Doggy.

  • Question: What is your biggest turn on?
    Answer: I love my pussy being licked and I love licking pussy and sucking guys off so they cum into my mouth so I can swallow the lot..!! MMMM

  • Question: The most sensitive part of my anatomy is?
    Answer: MY CLIT...MMMMM

  • Question: How much do you weigh?
    Answer: 10½st

  • Question: What is your leg measurement?
    Answer: 34"

  • Question: If you have tattoos or piercings, how discreet are they
    Answer: None

  • Question: How is your pubic hair fashioned?
    Answer: Shaved Completely

  • Question: What is your worst feature?
    Answer: Nose

  • Question: What is your favourite food?
    Answer: all my own cooking

  • Question: What is your favourite drink?
    Answer: Rose champange..!!...LPR Champange.

  • Question: What is your favourite film?
    Answer: I like any funny films

  • Question: What is your favourite TV programme?
    Answer: HOUSE & all things funny

  • Question: What are your favourite flowers?
    Answer: OH RED roses

  • Question: What is your favourite gift?
    Answer: Rose champange..LPR

  • Question: What is your favourite perfume?
    Answer: Any sexy smell

  • Question: What is your favourite holiday destination?
    Answer: I love anywhere HOT

  • Question: What is your shoe size?
    Answer: 7

  • Question: What is the most outrageous thing that you’ve done sexually (be honest!)
    Answer: I have licked my best friends pussy when she said no way am I every going to let any women lick my pussy. Since that night I have fucked, and licked her many times..!! Still her husband has know idea about the fun times we have together..!

  • Question: What three words best describe your personality?
    Answer: Cuddle me, sexy, look at my SMILE..!!

  • Question: Describe the experience (when and where)
    Answer: AT my friends house with an older guy. He was ( 18 )

  • Question: What is your favourite sexual fantasy?
    Answer: I have done this, it was to be licked and fucked by a sexy young girl.Just check my 18 min film clip. As it's the best sex I have had with another women..!!

  • Question: How often do you masturbate?
    Answer: all the time

  • Question: What sexual activity do you enjoy the most?

  • Question: When is your libido at its highest?
    Answer: When is it NOT...!!!

  • Question: Where would you most like to have sex?
    Answer: I love having sex and being an ESCORT so I can make my clients HAPPY..!!

  • Question: How would you describe the size of your breasts?
    Answer: Medium

  • Question: Are your breasts natural or enhanced?
    Answer: Natural

  • Question: What is your Primary Language?
    Answer: Englandishy

  • Question: What is your ethnicity?
    Answer: Caucasian (White)

  • Question: What is your Secondary Language?
    Answer: Englandish

  • Question: What is the colour of your eyes?
    Answer: Blue

  • Question: What is the colour of your hair?
    Answer: Blonde

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